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Frequently Asked Questions& Plant Tips

Q - In which geographic areas does Greenscene provide a service?

A – Greenscene service clients throughout the Leinster area, however we can quote for installing new schemes anywhere.

Q – What does the service include?
A – Greenscene’s maintenance service consists of a fortnightly call by one of our expert technicians and covers all aspects of watering, feeding, pruning, cleaning, pest & disease control.

Q – What is covered under the plant guarantee?
A – If a plant is not up to standard it will be replaced with a new plant free of charge.

Q – How often will the technician visit my premises?
A – It really depends on the type of plant you have most contracts get a fortnightly visit, however, some of the more high spec jobs require a weekly visit.  The exterior window boxes get a weekly visit during the summer months and fortnightly visit in winter months.

Q – Are the plants mine to keep or are they rented?
A – This depends on the type of contract you sign initially.  If you rent the plants and containers they will remain the property of Greenscene.

Q – Can you supply pictures of the plants?
A – There are some pictures on the website, if the picture you are looking for is not on the website we have no problem supplying you with an image of any plant or planter.

Q – What do you charge for your service?
A – We price each job on an individual basis as environmental conditions vary from one office to another.  Light levels, temperatures, humidity and location will have a bearing on the service charge.

Q – How do I order a new plant?
A – Give us a call on 01 2871301 or email to


Plant Tips

In the Office

Flies – please do not tip tea or coffee into the plant containers.  This is the most common cause of sciarid fly infestation as they feed on the sugars in the compost.
Watering – please do not water the plants as this is carried out by our maintenance team.
Movement – please do not relocate your plants to another area.  We select plants to suit the light levels in their immediate environment.  If you require one of your plants to be moved please contact your maintenance technician or call the office and we can arrange for someone to call out to check the suitability of the relocated area.
Temperature – a drop in temperature to below 12°C can result in plant loss.
Stress – it is proven that plants can reduce stress in the workplace. For more information please go to Benefits of Plants

At Home

Compost – use peat free soil for all house plants to help the environment
Over watering – this is the most common cause of plant loss in the home, especially throughout the winter months.
Pruning – prune your house plants regularly to encourage bushiness and prevent them from becoming tall and leggy.
Holidays – remember that your plants will need warmth and water if you are away for any length of time.
Light – if your plant has pale or variegated leaves it is letter to place near a window.  The darker the leaf the less light is required.



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